Dr. Daniel Rudman of the University of Wisconsin, clearly demonstrated that restoring this  one hormone back to more youthful-like levels will reverse many negative effects of old age.  
In his 6-month peer-reviewed and published study Dr. Rudman gave injections of growth
hormone (GH) to *12 participants ranging in age from 61 to 81 years old.

The results were amazing: their biological ages were reversed by as much as 20 years. 
Each participant was physically and biologically younger. That's right....YOUNGER!
Their skin was thicker and tighter, their bones were stronger, they had improved muscle
tone and they had more strength, energy and endurance...all accomplished in 6 months.
Since this study, Growth Hormone Injections have become the World's #1 anti-aging therapy , but it's expensive, costing $1000 or more per month and requires a prescription.

After four years of research and with the help of leading anti-aging experts, NutraSource Products developed GH-Elite, an advanced oral alternative to growth hormone injections that's so effective it's capable of producing dramatic anti-aging benefits and it's available without a prescription at a surprising affordable price.

Are you 50 or 60 or older? Wouldn't you love to have the strength and vitality you had 15 or  20 years ago? Of course you would. That's the dream of most people middle-aged and older. Guess what? The dream is no longer just a dream!

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*This clinical study had 24 participants.12 were given GH injections and 12 were given a placebo.