There are 2 kinds of aging: chronological and biological.
Unfortunately they seem to happen simultaneously.

Chronological aging: Everyone gets older, no way around it.
Biological aging
: But why do we have to "fall apart" while getting older? 
And is there anything that can be done about it?

What is biological aging?
In a normal person from birth to around 25-30 years old, there's a process in place that repairs worn out and damaged cells. This process keeps us young and strong. Very little biological aging takes place until about age 35 when this process starts to weaken or, for some reason, becomes less effective. As a result, the old damaged cells start to add up and the body starts to show and feel it. Year after year the process weakens until it eventually stops working altogther. And this is also happeneing on the inside. Organs become weaker which makes it harder to maintain good health. This is biological aging. (the one we don't want)

But what if?
What if there was a way to make the process work like it's supposed to? After years of research NutraSource has identified the underlying cause of biological aging and has developed technology that revives the cell regeneration and renewal process.

What is aging?

Technology to Help You Resist "Getting Old"