User Survey

In 2006 we conducted an informal survey of 150 GH-Elite users asking them why they have continued to take the product. Each participant had been taking GH-Elite for at least 9 months. Ages ranged from 47 to 78 years old. We asked 8 general questions. Here are the results.

Again, very informal. We're sure some people started but didn't continue taking GH-Elite for what ever reasons. By 2006 there were several GH formulas available, many choices.

Out of these 150 participants, a few had serious health issues. The survey was answered by patients of D.O.s and 1 NP. Of course, D.O.s can prescribe. As you know, many D.O.s lean toward practicing alternative medicine.

1. Do you have more energy?
150 answered Yes.

2. Do you have more strength?
138 answered Yes.

3. Has your health improved?
Out of 120 who indicated they wanted to be healthier, 114 answered Yes.

4. Are you more active?
136 answered Yes.

5. Have you lost weight?
Out of 97 who indicated they needed to lose weight, 41 answered Yes.

6. Has your memory improved?
28 answered Yes.

7. Has your quality of life improved?
136 answered Yes. 
105 of those answered dramatically.

8. Have you/would you recommend
150 answered Yes.